JBuddy SDK

Powered by JBuddy At the center of all our Business Chat and Instant Messaging (IM) solutions is a powerful, multi-threaded, multi-protocol chat client library. The core library (JBuddy.jar) is written entirely in Java. A couple years after its introduction, we wrote a tight Microsoft COM library (JBuddy.dll) in C++ to wrap the JBuddy.jar and exposed the chat API to COM and .NET developers. Collectively, we refer to the Chat / Instant Messaging API exposed by the JBuddy.jar and JBuddy.dll libraries as the JBuddy SDK.

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Core Features at a Glance

  • Powerful multi-protocol Chat API for Java, Microsoft COM & .NET
  • Common API for sending and receiving Instant Messages & Presence
  • Common API for manipulating buddy lists and privacy
  • Common API for sending and receiving files
  • Common API for multi-user conferencing (multi-user chat)
  • Common API for composing and parsing rich-text messages
  • Network Proxy support including Socks 4 & 5, and HTTPS (HTTP Tunneling)

Public Instant Messaging Support

Business Chat / Instant Messaging Support