Business Chat Innovation

The JBuddy Software business unit began in 1998 as instant messaging was gaining momentum worldwide. In January, 2001 JBuddy Software shipped the first commercially available multi-protocol instant messaging SDK, the JBuddy SDK. Over the span of the next decade JBuddy Software introduced several new business chat / instant messaging solutions to serve the unique business needs of each department within a company.

Messaging Experts

Since shipping the JBuddy SDK in 2001, business chat and instant messaging solutions has been our focus. JBuddy Software’s suite of business chat and instant messaging solutions have been deployed to the cloud and customer data center’s worldwide. When Adobe needed an IM Gateway for ColdFusion, they turned to the IM experts, JBuddy Software, and licensed the JBuddy SDK.

Trusted: Flexible, Reliable, Secure

We know business chat is an important part of a company’s IT infrastructure and must be flexible, reliable, and secure. Real Customer Story: A multi-agency, City + County Police and Sheriff IT organization needed a lightweight in-vehicle, and Emergency 911 Dispatch business chat solution to augment their radio communications. They had specific solution requirements: 24x7x365 reliability, on-premise data center deployment, Microsoft Active Directory authentication, Microsoft SQL Server storage and Public Records Act reporting capabilities. They also needed a lightweight, over-the-air chat protocol that would work reliably over slower, less reliable cellular data radio-packet internet connections to reach the police and sheriff vehicles. They needed a Microsoft Windows Messaging Client for in-vehicle laptops and dispatcher workstations. JBuddy Software won the City + County Police and Sheriff IT organization’s business and trust by offering a business chat solution that was flexible, reliable, and secure. They also appreciate the on-premise technical deployment services, staff training, and got-your-back technical support offered by JBuddy Software.